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10 Things Your Guests Wish You Knew About Them

Being successful in a hotel industry isn’t determined by the number of new customers but by the effective retention of the customers. So, How much of knowing them is knowing enough?

Sometimes you go out on a limb and decide to welcome your guest, especially VIPs, with gifts thinking ‘everyone will like a welcome gift’. That seemed like a good idea until we had Jane Coloccia expressed how she wished ‘hoteliers would take the time to either ask a guest if they drank or offered up something else as a VIP welcome gift than a bottle of wine. ‘

She adds on, What if I was an alcoholic or I didn’t drink at all? That certainly would’ve been a grave mistake!

Another issue we encountered was hoteliers not addressing the need of Travelling families, or the makeup of the family market. Kirsten explains that family ‘comes in all shapes and sizes and they need to think outside of the box when they want to win us over as clients.’

Trish Mcdermott adds on saying that for a travelling family, baby gears are often necessary to keep children happy on vacations. Trish suggest that hotels should provide baby gears since it’s hard to travel with baby gear, babies and luggage.

Of course, the matter is much more than baby gears and wine bottles. It is about how well you treat your customers to how much space you give. Like Scott who expresses his exasperation over the traditional walkthrough of a hotel room.

Scott says that his biggest frustration is when he checks into a high touch, luxury hotel while on a tight schedule, yet they insist on helping with the bag, showing how to work the lights, in-room touch screen systems, and television.

Most importantly, always give what you promise. As Maggie Combs from Creative Lodging Solutions put it,

“When we travel, we don’t always get exactly what we want. In fact, (Sorry, hoteliers) sometimes the pictures hotels show us are a bit misleading.”

The plights a hotelier need to understand are many. Let us further address them in the info-graphic.

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  1. What are some ideas “family hotels” use to attract family’s. What amenities standout.