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5 Ways to Improve your Guest Experience

Guest experience is the most important part of owning and operating a hotel or resort. If your guest is happy with their experience, you can be sure they’ll visit again, and tell their friends and family too. And, if they had a bad experience, they’re still be sure to tell their friends and family. As an hotelier, here are a few things you could be doing to improve your guest experience and increase guest satisfaction.

1.Know your guests

If you have more insight about your guest before they arrive, you can make sure that the experience you’re about to provide is just right for them, and includes surprises that will delight them. Collecting preferences, reason for visit and interests from guests before they arrive will help you understand your guests’ expectations better. Additionally, knowing why your guests are traveling will give you the opportunity to suggest relevant cross-selling of other hotel amenities that can increase ancillary revenue. 

For example, if your guests are traveling for their honeymoon, you could suggest a romantic dinner or a couples’ spa experience. By doing this, not only is the guest experience enhanced, but the hotel can add more revenue per guests as well. 

2.Engage with guests before they arrive

Engaging with your guest before they arrive allows them to further plan their stay with you. You could send your guest a pre-arrival mail that suggests activities they can engage in around the city. You suggestions can even include activities within the hotel. Through such engaging emails, guests have the power to choose and design their experience, and the hotel can profit from bookings of these upsells in advance. Such experiential activities will also enhance your guests’ over experience and satisfaction. 

You can also use these emails to better understand the reason for your guests’ visit. You could even use these emails to collect their preferences and interests. 

Hotel Bedroom Guest Experience
Engaging with guests before they arrive will allow you to create personalized surprises that will delight them and greatly improve guest experience and satisfaction.
3.Personalize Guest Experience

The modern traveller is looking for experiences that are more personalized and tailor made just for them. By collecting guest data before they arrive, you can increase the level of personalization for the guest. For example, if the guest is traveling with small children, you could place coloring pages with a pack of crayons in their room. Little surprises like these can make a huge difference to guest satisfaction. Gestures like these also vastly improve the likelihood of a glowing review on TripAdvisor, or even a recommendation. 

4. Integrate technology into the guest experience

In the current experience economy, technology plays a huge role to keep guests engaged with the hotel. Some hotels are integrating voice technology and popular streaming platforms into their rooms in order to provide a superior experience to guests. 

Another recent development is integrating keyless entries through smartphones and apps that give complete control of a room to the guest. Technological innovations like these are becoming an experience in itself that attracts new guests, and enable seamless and integrated guest experiences. 

5. Ask for feedback

Remember that your guest definitely has an opinion of their experience and your service. By asking guests for feedback at strategic moments, you can gain valuable insights into guest satisfaction and operational inefficiencies. When you ask for feedback, it lets your guest know that their feedback is important to you, and that you care about their experiences. Additionally, with a reputation management system, you could even push their feedback directly onto review website sites like TripAdvisor.

If you’re not constantly innovating and refreshing your guest experience, you can be sure that your hotel will become less relevant to travelers. To help you create an even better guest experience, you can check out our Comprehensive Guest Experience Guide.

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