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7 Ways To Increase Hotel Bookings

Hoteliers have a lot of hats to wear, operations is one of the major fields they have to excel in. Previously hoteliers could be the best at their service and get more and more customers. But today its much more than just providing exceptional service, its all about being there when a customer is searching for you. A lot of hoteliers are now marketers who have understood the need to reach out to their customers and have a good brand reputation online.

1. Get listed on all major OTAs

Hotels need an online Presence to be discoverable. Discoverability can be an expensive affair with paid SEO, which might not even work taking intoaccount the amount of competition on Hotel related keywords. The easiest and the cheapest way to get discovered is to be listed on all major OTAs.They provide free traffic and visibility to a property.

2. Optimal reviews on TA and other OTAs

Just being listed is not enough; according to Trip barometer report 97.7% people read online reviews before booking a hotel on OTAs. Hotels that have more number of reviews appear to be more credible online. Travellers like to see those hotels that other customers have talked about.User generated content has more influence than a hotel advertisement.

3. Request people to write positive reviews.

Soliciting reviews might seem unprofessional but a lot of hoteliers make sure they ask for a review from their guests. Technology had made it relatively easy to reach out through various platforms like email, SMS and surveys. Setup an automated email campaign to send review request as soon as a guest checks out.

4. Reply to all Guest feedback

If a guest has taken the effort to write a review they expect a reply on their feedback. Replying to reviews can help in two ways; it calms an unsatisfied customer reassuring her that the hotel cares about their guests. Secondly, other guests reading reviews also see the hotel is concerned and is ready to improvise.

5. Have competitive pricing within your area

Keeping prices at par with the competitors is one of the major tasks of a revenue manager. During low occupancy most of the hotels reduce theirrates to maintain an optimum occupancy level. Your hotel needs to have a Comparative price to stay ahead of the curve.

6. Analyze guest reviews to understand your Hotel issues.

80% of the complains happen due to 20% of the problems. It is very important to know what guests are talking about you; there are a few online reputation management players that give you analysis of your online reviews.

7. Ensure the issues do not reoccur.

A lot of reviews that you see on hotels are mostly on the same issue. Food and beverages and service are the most mentioned keywords. Despite these many mentions lot of hotels ignore the area because of the sheer work they would need to undergo especially with regards to staff training. Some of the reputation management tools have a module in the system to curb reoccurrence.

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