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Author: Nirmal Rathore

How to Improve Hotel Email Marketing Conversion Rates

What Your Email Marketing Stats Are Telling You Email Marketing can add considerable revenue to your hotel when done correctly. Email Marketing can return $38 USD for every $1 USD spent, and conversion rates can be up to three times higher than social media. By

Webinar: Turning online reviews into profit

Kokotel, RepUp, and HMS Thailand organized a webinar on “Turning online reviews into profit” on 22 July 2020. The webinar took a unique approach to show the perspective of a hotel operator and a technology solution provider. The webinar was moderated by Bas van straten

5 tips for hoteliers to survive Coronavirus

As coronavirus spreads its wings, hoteliers around the world face a punishing marathon in the next months. Besides taking proactive measures to minimise the chances of the spread, assuring guests of their safety can help tide-over the crisis. In all likelihood the novel coronavirus pandemic

Guest reviews

How TripAdvisor Review Collection Works

If you’ve ever wondered how RepUp works with TripAdvisor to improve your review collection process, here’s how we do it! Below is a short clip from the Guest Experience and Revenue Summit held on 8th October in Bali, Indonesia. Ms. Nur Afniza Zulkifli from TripAdvisor