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Author: xperiumbyrepup

How to Improve Hotel Email Marketing Conversion Rates

What Your Email Marketing Stats Are Telling You Email Marketing can add considerable revenue to your hotel when done correctly. Email Marketing can return $38 USD for every $1 USD spent, and conversion rates can be up to three times higher than social media. By

Increase Hotel Revenue by Leveraging your Guest Database

Building a guest database is a sure-fire way to begin increasing your revenue per guest, and can be done effortlessly through CRM and Marketing Tools. Even though OTA’s do not pass along guest emails, there are still ways of collecting guest information to build your

Google Reviews and How to Make the Most of Replies

Reviews are an extremely important part of the hospitality industry. Positive reviews are always great reinforcement to let you know you’re doing something right with the guest experiences you’re creating. However, bad or negative reviews, while disheartening can also sometimes be biased, or just down

Guest reviews

Use the TripAdvisor Algorithm to Boost Your Hotel’s Rankings

TripAdvisor has been essential to the hospitality industry since its inception. Improvements in TA rankings lead directly to higher bookings, average daily rate (ADR) and revenue. TripAdvisor doesn’t just help with referral traffic and bookings from TripAdvisor, but also facilitates more bookings from all OTAs.

RepUp Booking Suite

RepUp Announces Partnership with BookingSuite

Gurgaon, India, 4/10/2019 – RepUp today announced a partnership with BookingSuite, a subsidiary of BookingSuite is focused on empowering accommodation providers to deliver great customer experience. BookingSuite can tap into resources and years of experience of Through this new partnership, RepUp hopes to