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Easy steps to increase your hotel’s departmental scores

Hotel departmental scores are a necessity as it largely defines how your guests, both existing and potential, view your property. Low departmental scores often lead to lower bookings, lower ratings and less revenue.


Here in this article, we will be trying to provide some pointers about how to increase your hotel’s individual departmental scores.


1.Adapting technological change


Most of the hoteliers still depend on face to face interaction with guests to personalize the guest experience. Although this is a tried and tested practice but it is also very inefficient. When it comes to guest satisfaction in the 21st century, the right thing to do is to invest in a proper set of technological tools such as a reputation management solution like RepUp.


A tool such as this can help you manage guest feedback and reviews, making it easier to keep track of what guests say. In the case of a negative feedback alert, preventive actions can be taken instantaneously. Here is a comprehensive guide for how to benefit from tracking guest feedback and reviews.


 2.Keeping your staff updated


If your workforce knows exactly what is happening at your hotel at all times, it will become significantly easier for them to do their jobs in an effortless manner and deliver better experience to your guests. It is imperative that you keep your workforce updated at all times about what is going on in your hotel.


3. Explain the know-hows of guest experience management to your staff


It would be beneficial to your staff if they knew the basics of guest experience management and its correlation with hotel scores. That way, they can identify with what they need to do to help the hotel achieve its goals and deliver quality guest satisfaction.



4. Invest in training


In order to deliver the perfect guest experience, you must provide regular training to the staffs.  It would help your staff greatly if they know the correlation between their performances and your hotel’s department scores. It is imperative that you get your staff up to date with the specific roles they will be playing. Who is the main contact for in-person feedback? TripAdvisor? Social media? Everyone should know who to report to and to who to direct guests with pressing questions.


Make this a team effort. Set clear policies and best practices for properly responding to guest feedback. Involve your staff with guests and with each other so they can coordinate and optimize the guest experience.

5. Regularly analyse reports


It is imperative that you evaluate and analyse reports thoroughly to get a general perspective about the operational efficiencies of different hotel departments. This way it will be much easier to understand which departments are lacking and then proceed with constructive implementations that will help them perform better.


By implementing the simple steps given above, it is possible to boost your hotel’s departmental score and performance by a significant margin to increase rankings and streamline revenue. For more information, visit Repup and schedule a call with our experts.








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