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What you need to know about the coming changes in TripAdvisor

A few days back, TripAdvisor announced a massive transformational change, aiming to become the most personalized and connected travel community and pioneering the concept of social travel to empower hoteliers and guests alike.


The new phenomena which TripAdvisor is describing as its new “social assistive tools”, aims to dig deeper into the social aspect of travel recommendations. It is trying to assert itself in everything from travel inspirations to booking, guest connectivity, as well as itinerary planning with lots of user-generated digital storytelling like Snapchat and Instagram.

Although it is currently in Beta, according to experts the new site will be more like a social media site like facebook rather than a traditional review site, providing a wide range of feed from travel-related stories, videos, promotional articles from brands, travel partners etc.

While the old TripAdvisor was mostly static in nature to all its users, the new one will be all about Personalization. It has been said that using AI and guest data, TripAdvisor will provide travelers with the most relevant recommendations based on personal guest data and interests. The newly introduced trip feature will help you plan your next vacation by letting you make the perfect itinerary by saving restaurants, destinations, hotels etc, and share it with friends as a reference for their next trip.


From a strategic business point of view, TripAdvisor is aiming to compete with social travel websites like Airbnb with this move. Although no official statement has been made yet whether or not hotel brands will be able to market their properties organically, or will they have to pay,  Tripadvisor is clearly thinking about streamlining its revenue generation. So far only one feature has been officially announced, the easy booking feature – allowing guests to book the rooms and experiences directly on TripAdvisor if they get inspired by the content on their feeds.


TripAdvisor is now well on its way to position itself as the next big thing in social travel by connecting all travel experiences for its users. Brands like National Geographic, Condé Nast Traveler, Travel Channel, Business Insider, PopSugar, The Knot etc, are already providing content for the new site. As TripAdvisor brings everything together under one roof, it will be interesting to see if it can really transform itself into a vibrant social travel website or not.


See the pre-launch promotional video here –


Here is a tutorial video on how to rank higher on TripAdvisor from RepUp –

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