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Food Ordering

Preference driven food ordering with dynamic menus that prioritise guest’s favourite cuisine and dishes. Go app-less with direct food ordering from Xperium in-stay mobile concierge, or simply scan a QR code.Replace paper-based expensive menus that are not customisable and hard to clean.

See it in action

In Room Ordering

Dynamic menu based on guest preferences

Leveraging guest preference and allergies data collected during the previous and current journey, Xperium curates a dynamic menu aligned with the guest’s preferences and food habits.

Build a cart

Consumer grade ordering interface that allows narrowing down on specific food and beverage items with search and tag options. Create a cart and obtain guests e-signatures to create an order.

Calorie Count

Let your health conscious guests count the calories they are ordering

Upsells and add-ons

Display accompanying add-on items such as deserts and beverages at the checkout page to increase incremental revenue

Post Charges to PMS folio

Seamless billing with posting of the charges directly into the folio of the property management system

Restaurant Ordering

Ordering for Visitors

Access menus of multiple restaurants with a single QR code, build your cart, and place the order.

Ordering for In-Room Guests

Built-in access for in-house guests to view menus of all restaurants, order via cart, and charge posting directly to PMS folio.

Create own Combos

Show guests your bestselling combos with an edit option to let them create their own.

Built in payments

Guests can pay for their order securely through the digital payment options without swiping a card, dealing with cash or signing a receipt.

Leverage data to generate more revenue per guest

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