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Four reasons why guest surveys are crucial for your hotel’s success

Due to the ever increasing rate of digital connectivity, the hotel Industry is in the middle of a paradigm shift.  With more people using map apps and review sites to make booking decisions on the go, building a positive reputation has never been more critical to a hotel’s success. However, this is not only about monitoring and tracking your online reputation management but being proactive about collecting guest surveys and feedback on-site too.


Why are guest surveys so important?


Precise and personalized guest surveys provide insightful information about customer opinions and habits. They provide opportunities for rapid service improvement, often while guests are still on property. This leads to increased review volume generation on sites like TripAdvisor and Google, resulting in a surge in rankings.

Hotel Guest surveys can benefit your properties in four major areas:

1. Surveys provide detailed insights

Guest surveys provide much deeper insights than Online reviews. Mostly because, surveys are customizable and they allow the hotel to ask specific questions that can help them dig deeper and find out more about customer preferences, while Online Reviews are limited to what the customer feels like sharing.

For example, a low score in room quality could trigger a question to find out exactly what the guest didn’t like about the room. This will help you build a more comprehensive view of your property from the guest’s perspective and focus on areas for the betterment of service and operational efficiency.


2. Surveys call for swift, personalized action

Guest surveys can provide solutions to on-sight guests. The hotel authorities can address their concerns before they take the dissatisfaction out in public with an online review. Guest satisfaction is one of the most important aspects of the hospitality industry. If you are able to make amends while the guest is still in the hotel, you can help ensure that no guest walks out unhappy.


3. Surveys allow staff to focus on priorities

With a guest feedback management platform like RepUp, you can create customizable views of feedback for key staff members. This helps them with focusing on their individual priorities. Further, you can establish patterns, strategic goals, and timelines, with easy-to-read performance metrics for tracking progress to ensure that all employees are working towards a unified objective.


4. Surveys prevent negative reviews

Guest surveys provide a private feedback mechanism for unhappy guests to ‘vent’ in private. Otherwise, a negative review on social media or on sites like TripAdvisor and Google can generate a lot of negative publicity leading towards eventual revenue loss. Dealing with issues promptly can prevent negative reviews and build guest loyalty.


RepUp’s staff and guest request management module lets you manage operations and communications from a single dashboard through smartphone apps and allows you to streamline staff communication, request management and escalations to increase the operational efficiency of each hotel department.




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