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Four simple ways to benefit from tracking online reviews


Since the rise of digital & social media, online reviews have played a significant role in increasing brand visibility and generating more revenue from satisfied customers. In this article, we are going to discuss four simple ways to put online reviews to proper use –  

Responding to online reviews:

Online reviews are not only a source of insights and information about your hotel or property but also a tool to showcase your values and ethics are in alignment with your core business interests. By responding to reviews, you reassure your existing and potential guests that you will be there to help should something go wrong. Responding to negative reviews is even more important as they portray your acceptance towards guest feedback and self-improvement. By maintaining an ethical and transparent review response mechanism, you can ensure building better brand loyalty to drive more revenue.


People tend to be cautious about direct advertising, especially if they are not loyal or familiar with the brand. However, a survey has shown potential guests are prone towards believing advice and information from genuine customers who are considered to be less biased. This is why positive reviews from real guests presented in a form of testimonials work like a charm to shape public opinion about your property. When people love your property, they talk about it online, leading towards more brand loyalty and by extension, towards more revenue generation.

Industry Insights:

By keeping a track of your competitors’ online reviews and comparing their performance with your’s, it is possible to gain critical insights about their SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunity, threat) analysis. Rightful implementation of this analysis can be used to position your property against your competitors and help you plan your next steps accordingly.

Guest Data:

Online reviews often provide a vast influx of guest data, providing information on why guests choose your hotel, what they liked, what was the reason of their visit, will they come back or not etc. Analyzing and evaluating this guest data provides valuable insights that are needed to launch aggressive personalized marketing campaigns. According to a survey, it has been found out that 8 in every 10 customers believe personalized marketing campaigns leave significant impacts on their purchase decisions.


From helping with shaping public opinion about your property to keeping an eye on industry competitors, online reviews offer an array of interesting insights to help increase your revenue. If you would like to know more about how you can leverage online reputation and guest feedback to boost revenue, schedule a call with our experts and sign up for a free demo.


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