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Personalize Guest Experiences at Scale

Drive revenues with data intelligence.

Unify Marketing Automation, Upselling, and Guest Feedback on our ‘Guest Experience Data Platform’

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Guest Experience Data Platform

Xperium by RepUp is designed for seamless communication with all hotel guests throughout their journeys. From booking confirmations, to upsells and all the way through to driving positive online volumes, the platform enables hyper-personalization to maximize revenue opportunities.

CRM & Marketing Automation

Personalised Upselling

Guest Satisfaction Surveys

Online Reputation Management

Guest Issue Resolution

Guest Request Management


Contactless Check-in & Check-out

In a post Covid19 world guests will seek a contactless stay experiences. Without a mobile app or a kiosk, your guests can now check into their rooms with minimum human contact.

CRM & Marketing Automation

Work smarter with email automation.

Intelligent guest profiling that maximises engagement through-out the travel journey.

Persona driven segmentation for unlocking hidden revenue potential.

guest profile

Personalized Upselling

Be pro-active to keep the incremental revenue coming.

Automate upsell emails to pre-arriving guests (including masked addresses from OTAs) and in-stay guests.

Let guests design their journeys with web-check-in, preferences, and service selections.

Guest Satisfaction Surveys

Elevate the experience quality.

Keep your finger on the pulse with timely feedback from all in-stay, departing and post-stay guests.

Improve Net Promoter Score, RevPAR & Occupancy with actionable insights.

Hotel Review Analysis

Online Reputation Management

Be in the know of guest sentiments.

Increase responsiveness with a single screen to manage reviews from all popular review sites and OTAs.

Boost positive guest reviews leveraging our deep integration with TripAdvisor.

Service Issue Resolution

Improve guest loyalty.

Resolve guest concerns with prompt identification of issues and follow-ups.

Fix recurring service glitches, broken processes and staff accountability.


Guest Request Management

Delight with quick deliveries.

Equip your checked-in guests with a mobile-friendly concierge that lets them request services and amenities.

Seamless cross-department collaboration for fluid services and timely interventions.


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