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Laniakea Tech partners with RepUp, future of Customer Experience & Reputation Management in Hotel Industry

Laniakea Tech has partnered with RepUP to introduce StayMX/ReviewMX (the future of hotel reputation management) in Hotel Industry of Maldives. “Currently over 2,000 beds across the country use StayMX/ReviewMX & we expect it to reach over 20,000 beds by 2020 catering to over a million tourists,” said Ali Akhthar, CEO of Laniakea Tech.

StayMX/ReviewMX is an all-inclusive hotel reputation management tool. It collates all your hotel reviews and social media mentions, from across 15 platforms in a single window. You can access all the aggregated information on your mobile device. You can even respond to all the reviews and manage all the issues mentioned in the reviews from the mobile device itself. It also facilitates analysis of your performance against your comparators. This way,  it updates you with regards to any change in performance (positive or negative). It can also help to determine your service price, marketing strategies and track performance across multiple properties.

With the growth of trend in online hotel booking, the reviews and feedback provided by customers on more than 200 online platforms have also grown by and large. The new traveler breed decides after the reviews and feedback they read. Hence, an effective system for hotel reputation management, without a question, needs to be in place. This is where StayMX/ReviewMX comes in. It uses a patent-pending algorithm to improve the reputation which leads to increase in bookings.

“In the good old days, reputation management was quite simple and basic. Things are different now and need to be done pretty much on a real-time basis as the battle for reputation is majorly measured online. The hospitality industry is going through a fast transition and customer expectation & behavior are changing rapidly. We aim to solve the online reputation management challenges using technology that can be scaled globally,” said Ali Akhthar, CEO of Laniakea Tech.

“Guest intelligence that we collect today is either not substantial or is scattered across platforms. Integration of such systems provide hotels with rich guest profiles and enable automation of process for better service delivery. We are excited about this partnership and are committed to providing the best hospitality technology to Maldivian hoteliers.” says RepUp, Founder & CEO, Pranjal Prashar.

Why StayMX/ReviewMX?

Pre Stay
Express check-in
Guest profile – know your customer
Know guest preferences
Up-sell solution

Post Stay
Review Aggregation
Ticketing and collaboration
Reply to reviews
Sentiment analysis
Competitor analysis
Collect guest Feedback (Email/Tablet)
Trip Adviser Integration
Google Integration
Reports and analytics

During Stay
Guest communication – WhatsApp, FB Messenger & telegram
Hospitality operations management
Front line feedback – customer request management
Glitch management
Concierge (Mobile , Desktop)
Complaint Management & escalation
Up-sell solution

Other Features
Hotel Mobile App
SMS Integration
Notification and alerts
Pms integration
StayMX mobile app
alerts and notification
SMS Marketing Campaigns
Email Marketing Campaigns

Laniakea Teach is a Maldivian tech innovator, spearheading modern technology solutions to Maldives. The company’s inventory includes Business Travel Services manager, Online Reputation Management solutions, Booking Engines, Shopping Rate Solutions, Customer Relationship Management Software, Maldives Butler, Central Reservation System, Revenue Management System, Channel Manager, Accounting Software and Fintech Software.

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