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Hotel Reviews: Should you be concerned?

Global traveller survey states that almost 50% of travellers read reviews online before booking their preferred hotel. These numbers are only going to increase every year.

According to a recent study, 67% of respondents check review sites more than a few times every month. More than 80% feel confident about their travel decisions when they see positive reviews.

According to hoteliers– 70% of businesses have taken steps to improve their quality of service based on reviews left by customers.

The survey also unveils the psyche behind why travellers write reviews, how reviews help them while planning a trip and how much does a management response affect them.

Over the years word of mouth has become a vital source of marketing a product or a service. It just spreads like wild fire, it is very important to track these conversations and improve your service based on key insights.

A lot of hotels find themselves lost in these conversations and aren’t able to get key insights to act on issues. The absence of aggregation platforms and automated reporting mechanisms in a hoteliers tool kit have led to huge revenue losses in the industry.

Management responses are increasingly important

87% users agree management response to negative reviews show that the hotel wants to improve based on customer feedback.

70% users agree management that defend them against bad reviews makes customers less likely to book that property.

62% users agree that they are more likely to book a hotel if they see a management response.

So how many reviews should a hotel have?

More than 80% of travellers read close to 6-12 reviews during their search prior to booking a hotel. Majority of the travellers are only concerned about the reviews on the first page.

How do readers interpret reviews?

Most of the guest would feel confident booking a hotel if they see good photos of the hotels and reviews posted by foreign guests, travellers feel foreign guests are more sincere in giving feedback as opposed to native guests.

Why do travellers write reviews?

Travellers usually write reviews for a variety of reasons, some travellers feel good sharing information to other people. Usually guest want to share extreme experiences, moderate experiences are usually not shared on review sites.

Information online is shared at a very rapid pace. It has become very difficult to track, analyze and find solutions to improve guest satisfaction based on guest expectation. Finding a tool, which solves these problems, will be like finding the holy grail of customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

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