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How do you know your Online reputation management tools are bringing back results

You can put in a lot of effort and money trying to improve your online reputation, but can you truly tell if your efforts are paying off? While online reputation management is very handy when it comes to increase online visibility and build lasting customer relationships, it is imperative for you to evaluate their effectiveness regularly.


Here are few positive effects that you should start noticing after a few months of investing in ORM (online reputation management)  tools –


Increasing number of reviews :

one of the first major changes you should notice after ramping up your ORM activities is the increased number of reviews. Start monitoring your online reviews across digital platforms and compare the volume and the percentage of positive reviews coming in every month. An increasing number and percentage of positive reviews is a good news.

Also, you should check whether reviews are coming in from any new platform or not. Reviews from a new portal or a platform usually indicate your ORM tools are working.


Surge in  customer engagement:

When you start getting new customers or business leads, ask them where they heard about you. If they came across you on new online sources, it means that your ORM efforts are paying off.

Also, this might give you an insight into how you should manage the future promotional activities of your business. If most clients are coming from Facebook, then you may want to increase the number of posts and responses on Facebook.  you may even consider running a paid advertisement on Facebook for even better customer engagement.


Benchmarking your online reputation management performance against your competitors:

With proper tools, it is possible to monitor your competitors’ ORM performance over a period of time. If your response rate and review generation rate is higher than your competitors, then it is safe to assume that your ORM strategy is bringing in results.


Analytical approach to issues recurrence:

It is essential to keep a track of analytical insights when evaluating any ORM tool. Such insights help us to get a broader picture of the ORM solution. We can take an example here. In the hospitality industry, one of the major problems the hotels face is guest complaints. With a proper ORM module implementation, you can track which problems are causing the most damages to your brand-image and take preventive steps to stop the case of issue-recurrence. If your complaints reduce over time, then it is safe to assume your reputation management is working as it should.


Although it can be quite hard to measure the benefits that a business can extract from ORM solutions, it is helpful to look for these four signals to have some basis for evaluating its success. If you can notice some positive trends in these four parameters, then you can be sure that your money and effort behind implementing a proper ORM solution was well spent.


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