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How to Boost Your Hotel Revenues With Guest Intelligence

There are so many functional aspects of running a hotel business successfully, that hoteliers often find it difficult to maintain the standard of their service levels. You need to keep a track of everything that’s happening in all functional areas such as the front office, food, and beverages, housekeeping and more. There’s just a lot on your plate!

In this scenario, identifying the gaps in your service may become a challenging prospect. Efficiency comes from being able to visualize everything about your hotel on a single platform so that you can gather actionable insights. This is where guest intelligence comes into the picture. It allows you to make necessary changes to improve guest experience.

What exactly is “Guest Intelligence”?

Put simply, guest intelligence combines the power of both online reputation management and guest satisfaction survey data. It encompasses analysis of the information received from online reviews and guest surveys.

Guest intelligence aims at gaining an exhaustive insight into the preferences of your guests, about their stay, and what they like or do not like about your service. When it comes to guest satisfaction, relying on guesswork will not suffice. Simply collecting a huge amount of data will not be of any use if you don’t know how to make use of it.

A detailed analysis of guest reviews and feedback will help you figure out the right actions which will enhance your guest’s experience in future and bring concrete results. Today’s hoteliers have started realizing the importance of guest intelligence as 94% of them find it important to be able to utilize guest intelligence.

Why are online reviews and guest surveys important?

With websites like TripAdvisor rising to fame, hoteliers cannot ignore online reviews. Travellers are widely referring to online reviews while making booking decisions. Potential customers find these sources to be very useful as they help them form an opinion on what they are signing up for.

The impact of online reviews can be judged by the fact that TripAdvisor branded websites reach 340 million unique monthly users and have up to 350 million reviews making this the largest travel community in the world. Also, TripAdvisor reviews and posts have an astounding 88% impact on accommodation decisions.

Guest surveys enable you to receive feedback on your hotel’s services and amenities. They can be implemented at various points during the customer’s journey with you. For instance, guest feedback during their stay enable you to address issues and complaints on the spot. For post-stay surveys, you can utilize online media such as social channels or emails.

That hotels find guest surveys valuable is evident from the fact that 77% of hotels want to invest the same or more in guest survey management in 2016. Insights from guest surveys help identify internal issues, provide a platform for customers to share their concerns, and help hotel management to respond accordingly.

How guest intelligence leaves an impact?

Simply stated, hotels augment guest intelligence to increase guest satisfaction. Reviews, whether received through online media or through surveys, help you focus on what is important to your guests as it is only natural that they will write about what made an impact on them.

After gathering a considerable amount of data, the next step is analysis. This allows you to start pulling out trends about what your guests talk about the most, what they like or dislike. The best part is that reviews are readily available, real time data about your hotel and their analysis will help you make focussed decisions based on the voice of your customers.

Guest intelligence also keeps a track of all your departments and functional areas. It tells what exactly is going right and what is to be improved by pulling out the relevant data for every department and for every employee. For instance, if guests like your breakfast menu, make sure to appreciate your kitchen staff. On the other hand, if there are consistent issues with room cleanliness, housekeeping staff need to be sensitized to the problem.

Clearly, guest intelligence encourages operational and service improvements. When your guests have a pleasant experience at your hotel, you have more number of satisfied customers. When a guest arrives at your hotel, they do so with a certain expectations in mind. By consistently making improvements, you eventually reach a point where you exceed these expectations.

Happy customers means fewer negative reviews. Not only that, your guests will be encouraged to write about the positive experiences they had with you. This means positive reviews about you shoot up. Invariably, your online reputation increases and this has a direct impact on your revenues. The following observations validate this fact.

  • When prices are equal, a potential customer is 3.9 times more likely to choose a hotel with higher reviews scores.
  • 76% travelers preferred to pay more for a hotel with higher review scores.
  • An increase in the reputation of a hotel by one point (on a five-point scale) can lead to the hotel’s ability to increase room rates by 11.2% without compromising on the occupancy rate.


Hence, we see that leveraging guest intelligence creates a positive cycle that revolves around utilizing the insights gained through guest intelligence to enhance guest satisfaction. This further impacts online reputation and finally, your revenues.

Guest intelligence provides you with a road map to manage your business. A lot has changed in the world of guest feedback and user generated content. To keep up with these trends, Repup has also implemented appropriate guest intelligence solutions.

Repup’s Online Management tool helps hoteliers to analyze reviews, social media mentions within a single dashboard. You can analyze your performance against competitors to track your improvements. It helps you to implement marketing, pricing and other strategies to improve customer experience.

The Survey tool helps you gain more reviews and ratings across channels, run targeted campaigns for customers, analyze feedback, deliver personalized services and more. Both these features combine to deliver seamless guest intelligence solutions.

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