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How to effectively manage your email marketing campaign in this Holiday Season

The holiday season, starting from the end of October till the mid of January is the most important period to conduct business for hotels. It is imperative that hoteliers equip themselves with every option they have to attract guests during this time period. Multiple Studies have shown that email marketing campaign is the most preferable option for communicating with guests. Not only that but, email marketing has been demonstrating a conversation rate of 3x more than of social media marketing. It is simple, easy to execute and very rewarding if done right.

Here, we are going to outline five simple ways that will help hoteliers harness the power of email marketing and increase their revenue this holiday season by attracting a large number of potential guests –

Get Personal

Email marketing campaign can help you establish a personal relationship with a guest. While doing so, personalization is an essential ingredient. It is imperative that you know your customer well and targets your emails accordingly to generate their interest.

Example –  A guest who has spent a vacation in your property, would surely like some personalized tailored deal for his Christmas vacation from you. If you start by collecting his personal data from various touch points during his past stay at your property, it is possible to know his choices and preferences and come up with a deal that is exclusively made for particularly him.

Segmentation & Targeting

49% of consumers mark unwanted emails as spam. It is essential to segment your guests accordingly to their types and interests. Such segmentation can be done by analyzing your PMS data. It is important to make sure that the segmentation must be precise and there shouldn’t be any conflict of interests.

Example – A guest who is looking for a romantic getaway in New Year in Bali will not be attracted by an email campaign aimed for adventure water sports enthusiasts. It is pivotal to keep a clear distinction between different approaches for different guests for maximum conversion.

Call To Action

The primary objective of email marketing campaign is to drive revenue or action, it’s important to get the CTA (Call To Action) correct. The best way to make sure the CTA button doesn’t go unnoticed is to include a CTA ‘above the fold’ of the email, so recipients don’t need to scroll to see it. Also, it is crucial to ensure the design of the CTA button stands out. It is common to reserve certain colors for CTAs and make the text compelling enough to drive action.

Take advantage of peak seasons

Peak season is when demand is highest and availability is limited, leading to the highest rates at the property. During this time, hotels should limit their marketing to top spenders who will pay top dollar for rooms. Since discounting is unnecessary, marketers should focus on promoting packages and additional services to drive as much incremental revenue as possible. Go through your guest database to identify previous room occupiers and send them targeted, seasonal emails – particularly to high spenders.

Put in efforts to identify your niche and ideal customer segments from the guest database. It eases up the targeting process by making it more efficient and streamlined.

Keep a track of your email insights

Make sure to keep access of detailed data reports for every email campaigns that you’ve sent. By benchmarking your accomplishments against your own portfolio, you can learn valuable information on how to improve your performance by a significant margin.

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