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How to effectively manage your hotel’s email marketing campaign

One thing that hotels have in common is email marketing campaign as the most preferable option for guest communication. It is simple, easy to execute and very rewarding if done right. However, it can be tricky at times, mainly because of the enormous amount of guest data hotels deal with every day and the complex nature of guest communications. Here, we are going to explain four simple tips to execute successful email marketing campaigns for hotels –


Maintain a cohesive brand experience


When running an email marketing campaign, what you have to keep in mind is that maintaining a cohesive brand image is the secret ingredient to attract guests. It is imperative that your campaigns stay consistent across all the platforms so you can build an exclusive brand experience and generate brand awareness to deliver a solid and cohesive guest experience. It is important to follow a strict brand-line to make sure the campaign never deviates. 


Start building a personal relationship with guests


Email marketing campaigns can help you establish a personal relationship with a guest. While doing so, personalization is an essential ingredient. It is imperative that you know your customer well and target your emails accordingly to generate their interest.


Example –  A guest who is eating in your restaurant regularly will most likely appreciate a special dinner package. Use existing guest data to build segments and target them with relevant contents to win them over. According to a recent survey, conversion rates improve by 10% if the content is personalized.


Take advantage of peak periods/holiday seasons


Guests are more like to look for rooms in the advent of peak periods or holiday seasons, so use this opportunity to remind them why they should book in your hotel with holiday-themed emails, special discounts and personalised incentives. Go through your guest database to identify previous room occupiers and send them targeted emails – particularly to high spenders.


Put in efforts to identify your niche and ideal customer segments from the guest database. It eases up the targeting process by making it more efficient and streamlined.


Keep a track of your email insights


Make sure to keep access of detailed data reports for every email marketing campaign that you’ve sent. By benchmarking your accomplishments against your own portfolio, you can learn valuable information on how to improve your performance by a significant margin.

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