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How to effectvely use marketing automation to increase hotel revenue

Increasing competition in today’s online hospitality business has necessitated more diversified marketing strategies for hotel operators.  Like every other industry relying on technology, hospitality industry too, obtains an immense amount of data from guests. This data collected from various touch points, consisting various details of guests can be used for personalized communication and marketing.


According to the Marketing Automation survey by Marketo, 91% of successful hoteliers agree that marketing automation is crucial to the success of their overall marketing effort.


Here are a few ways how Marketing Automation can help you generate more revenue for your hotels –


Leverage Guest Data

Marketing Automation equips you with the tools that you need to collect and centralize the guest data. Once you know your guests better, it becomes much easier to divide them in to various segments and run personalized marketing communications.

This means your guests will receive messages that are tailored according to their requirements. Personalized marketing messages help you build lasting guest relationships and makes retargeting significantly easier.


Take advantage of peak periods

An automated marketing process makes it easier to run relevant promotional offers during a specific event or season. Filter through your PMS data to find out spikes in room occupancy rates in order to send targeted and personalized marketing communications or emails, particularly to previous high spenders. Make sure to identify the correct niche and ideal customer segment in order to use marketing automation at its full potential.

Nurture your leads

Potential guests may often abandon booking your hotel for various reasons. Marketing automation lets you  automate lead-nurturing campaigns to improve conversions. Lead nurturing helps build lasting impressions to get them to book your hotel in the future. You can use such campaigns to inform your potential guests about your hotel, display your services, and build trust. Lead nurturing has the potential to boost your direct bookings by a significant margin.


Data backed up-selling process

The power of  Marketing automation gives valuable insights into your guests’ behaviour, and helps you target them effectively at every stage of their buying cycle, opening up the possibilities of generating a significant amount of ancillary revenue via upselling and special offers.


If you are looking to generate more revenue for your hospitality business then NOW is the time to start investing in Marketing automation. It allows you to analyze vital insights that help you tailor your marketing communications according to the guests’ need and helps you to increase the conversion rate. With increased conversion rates, your occupancy rate and revenue also witness a robust growth.

This is where RepUp gets into the picture. With a revenue growth rate clocked at 132%, RepUp Ranked Number 38 Fastest Growing Technology Company on the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India 2018. Repup’s partnerships with Hotelogix and Cloudbeds make seamless data integration possible.  Therefore, easing up the marketing automation process. Click here to connect with our experts for an insightful demo about RepUp Marketing cloud.


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