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How To Improve Email Deliverability For Your Hotel

Email Marketing is a huge part of hospitality and hotel marketing efforts, and deliverability of your emails is a vital part of your campaign’s success. If your emails aren’t getting to the intended person, or worse, landing in their spam inbox,  your hotel will definitely miss out on revenue opportunities. 

Here’s a quick checklist you can use to make sure your email deliverability is optimized:


Remove Inactive Contacts:

Sending your email to contacts who don’t open your email will decrease your deliverability, as mail servers read this as unwanted email. To avoid this, clean your data regularly, and move subscribers who don’t open your emails to a segment that you mail less often. Remember to keep adding new people to your list, so you have about the same number of active subscribers.

Send Valuable Content:

Ensure that the content you send is relevant to the list that the subscriber is a part of. Sending all subscribers all of your content will end up highlighting nothing in particular. Your email content should be engaging and valuable for the receiver, which will improve deliverability considerably.

Preserve Domain Authority:

Sending emails with a complaint rate more than .1% will tarnish the domain. It is important to pause email sending for a couple of days, or send emails to another list from that domain to preserve domain authority.

Think Like a Subscriber:

Review your signup process and think like a subscriber. Make sure your language on the sign-up form makes clear what the guest is signing up for.

Send the Right Number of Emails:

No one likes a flooded inbox, so don’t send your subscribers mails too often. On the other hand, you don’t want your subscribers to forget you either, so we suggest connecting with your subscribers at least once a week depending on what list they’ve subscribed to. Remember to make the email content as relevant as possible. 


Send Too Many Promotional Emails:

Repeatedly sending promotional emails or emails that contain offers will decline deliverability, and will lead to a lesser read rate.

Use Free Email Addresses to Send:

Using personal e.g. Yahoo/ Gmail Email addresses will definitely be marked as spam, as these providers were not made for bulk emailing. If you send more than 50 same content emails from these free email providers, your emails are sure to land in spam.

Change Names or Logos Frequently:

Try not to change your senders’ name or your logo frequently, as this will undoubtedly cause confusion for guests, and might even result in them marking your emails as spam. Be as consistent as possible so that your emails are immediately recognizable by your readers. 

Why Your Emails Might Be Landing in the Spam Folder

Misleading Subject Line:

A Survey by Litmus found that 50% of participants stated that they felt cheated or tricked to open a promotions email. As tempting as it is to use a subject line that is catchy and will get your subscriber to open the email, refrain from using subject lines that are just downright misleading.

Include Your Physical Address?

Don’t forget to add your hotels’ physical address, which should include your street name, and building number that’s registered with the Postal Service. Bulk Emails without a physical address and generally marked as spam.

Don’t Forget An Unsubscribe Link

No matter how valuable you think your emails are, you must give your subscribers a way out. Not adding an Unsubscribe link can be devastating, with penalties of thousands of dollars in fines.

Avoid Spam Trigger Words:

Choose your words wisely to avoid spam filters. You can check out this list of spam words to avoid using them in your subject lines, and the main content of your email as well. 

If you have any questions or concerns about email deliverability, you can get in touch with us at

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