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How to Improve Hotel Email Marketing Conversion Rates

What Your Email Marketing Stats Are Telling You

Email Marketing can add considerable revenue to your hotel when done correctly. Email Marketing can return $38 USD for every $1 USD spent, and conversion rates can be up to three times higher than social media. By engaging your email audience, you’ll be able to create value for your hotel, as well as your guests. 

Email Marketing has definite definable metrics to track, so you can set bench marks and also accurately measure the success or failure of your email campaign. The cycle of email marketing is also relatively short as compared to other forms of marketing. This helps you review your progress quickly, and tweak your campaigns immediately to achieve desired results. 

Tracking key metrics of your email campaigns is important, so you know if you’re delivering relevant content to your guests at the right time, and if they’re clicking on the links you provide them.  

So how do you know if your email marketing campaigns are on the right track, and if you’re meeting industry standard metrics, and if your email campaigns are bearing fruit?

What You Should Be Tracking

Open Rate: The open rate indicates how many recipients opened your email. The standard open rate for emails in the travel industry are 20.44%. 

Click Rate: Lets you know what percentage of your emails have received at least one click. This lets you know if the content in your email was relevant enough to your recipients to click through to your landing page. The standard click rate for emails in the travel industry is 2.25%.

Tracking Email Marketing Stats Helps You Determine If Your Campaign Is A Success

Hard and Soft Bounce Rate: A hard bounce happens when there is a permanent deliverability issue to a particular email ID, and a soft bounce is when a temporary deliverability issue occurs with a specific email ID. 

As a rule, make sure sure to remove all hard bounced emails from your list. If the same IDs have repeated soft bounces, over multiple campaigns, then make sure to remove these IDs from your lists. The standard hard and soft bounce percentages are 0.31% and 0.51% respectively.

Improving your hotel’s email marketing statistics

If your email marketing metrics aren’t where they should be, here’s how you can begin to correct it:

Low Open Rate: If you have a low open rate, there might be a couple of things wrong with your campaign. If your lists are validated, and your deliverability is good, then the next element to optimize is your subject line. It is possible that the subject line is not grabbing attention. To optimize, try using a different version of the same subject line to see if there’s any increase in open rates. Test different versions of subject lines to see what works with your audience. Also keep in mind that a subject line that works well with one of your lists may not work well with another list. 

Low Click Rate: If your campaigns have a low click rate, it is possible that the content in the email was not relevant to your audience, was not clear, or did not reflect the subject line. There’s nothing more annoying to recipients than a misleading subject line. If the content does not accurately reflect your subject line, either change the content or the subject line. 

Check again to make sure that your content is driving a clear action or response, and your CTAs are clear and are highlighted properly. 

Hard Bounce rate is high: If your hard bounce rates are high, review the data source of that list and evaluate the integrity of that source. Also, remember to remove these IDs from your database for future campaigns. 

Soft bounce rate is high: If your soft bounce rate is high, check to see if your email size was very large. Make sure all image sizes are reduced. Apart from this, watch to see if there is a recurrence of the same email ID in the soft bounce list. If there is, then remove these IDs and attempt to validate the email address before adding it back to your lists. 

Automating Your Hotel’s Marketing Efforts Can Generate Revenue, and Improve Efficiency

How We Can Help Your Hotel Generate Revenue Through Marketing

Marketing Automation platforms built specifically for the hospitality industry, like Xperium, can play a huge role in increasing revenue for hotels. By enabling effective email marketing at the right stages of the guest journey facilitated by PMS integration, hotels can leverage all guest communications to create revenue opportunities. 

If you’re ready to try a marketing automation platform for your hotel that works, we want to help. Just set up a call here.

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