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How to write effective marketing newsletters to engage with Guests

Multiple studies have found out that Email Marketing is the most efficient form of communication in the Hospitality Industry. Email Marketing has proven to be the most effective channel of communication due to higher conversion rates compared to other channels like Social Media Marketing. Studies show that 55% of consumers prefer to get permission-based promotional messages or marketing newsletters from hospitality brands via email, mostly because Email is not only less invasive but also persistent. Email offers are searchable and can be revisited at a later time.


Another report has shown that email continues to deliver the highest ROI— up to four times higher than other marketing channels including social media, direct mail, and paid search.

Here are the things you should keep in mind while creating  marketing newsletters

Introductory notes:

1. Subject Line:

Keep your subject lines short yet as descriptive as possible. The subject line must give an idea of what’s inside. Although, there is no perfect length when it comes to subject lines you have to keep in mind that most of the email clients display only the first few words. So make sure you convey what is inside in the first few words of the subject line.

2.  Pre-Header Text:

The Pre-header text is the top line that is displayed beside your subject line at the receiver’s inbox. The Pre-header text is a great opportunity to include secondary messaging to a short, attention-grabbing subject line.

3.  Body Copy:

Keep your content concise and precise. Make sure you highlight all the key points such as discounts and special offers etc.  Write with a clear vision in mind and make sure all your paragraphs can be traced back to the original idea. Use clear and non-copy-righted images when necessary. It is recommended to start your newsletter body with the logo of your hotel/company.

4. Call to action:

This is perhaps the most important step. Whether you are asking people to buy, read, share or respond to something, make sure to add a clear call to action button in your newsletter. With this, the readers will know what to do next.

5.  Footer:

Make sure to include an unsubscribe link and permission reminder in the footer of each newsletter.

marketing newsletters

Things to keep in mind while making a marketing newsletter:

1. Remember the optimal text to image ratio:

You should keep in mind that the perfect image to text ratio in emails should be 20% to 80%. Emails should be designed by keeping the concern of deliverability in mind. Most internet service providers look through the keywords that indicate whether the emails are spam or not. And hence, image heavy emails without much text can raise a red flag for the spam filters.

2. Keep in mind the right frequency:

We at RepUp, have found out that a monthly or bi-monthly email schedule is the most optimal. Don’t bombard your guests with emails every day but also make sure that you don’t skip a month. Too much of inactivity and idleness from hotel’s side can compel your guests to unsubscribe.

3. Show the important information first:

Always keep in mind that most of your readers will access your marketing newsletters in small mobile screens (About 60% of all emails are read in mobile phones) and they will not read beyond the first few lines if they do not find it interesting. Make sure you add the most important information at the beginning of the mail so they understand what this newsletter is about the moment they open up the inbox.

4. Avoid Unnecessary loads:

Make sure not to add any unnecessary links or high-resolution pictures that will wear the loading down.     If your URL is long, that can start to look pretty out of place, particularly if you’re including a ton of URLs in your email.  Keep in mind not to exceed three columns of content. You should only be working with about 600 pixels of width, so breaking your text or images into narrow blocks can make your content hard to see for your reader. Videos should be avoided in marketing newsletters as they don’t render well in most of the email clients.

5. Alt-Text Tag:

Many email clients disable images by default.  Make sure to add an alt-text tag in your pictures to describe what the picture is about for the people who can’t see them.

6. Segment your client base:

An average hotel has thousands of guest or potential guest names in their database. It is imperative to segment them correctly before running any newsletter campaign as everybody is not interested in the same topics. Segment your database to find a particular audience that will most likely react to your marketing newsletters.

For Eg: Sending bring back campaigns to potential or new guests is a waste of time. Go through your database to identify previous guests who are high spenders and run a bring back campaign on them to get the maximum results.

7. Personalize the emails

Eye-catching emails are often personal as well. Your audience is more likely to be drawn into emails if they see their name, industry and/or location mentioned in their inbox view. According to a study by Adestra, personalization of emails increases opening rates by 22.2%.

9. Conduct multiple tests for the most optimized settings:

Conduct multiple test campaigns to understand which is the most profitable time to run campaigns. Conduct A/B testing to figure out which type of campaigns will extract the most fruitful results.

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