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How Xperium can help you Increase Your Hotel’s Revenue with VHP Integration

If you’re already using VHP as a PMS to manage your property and guests, you’re just one step away from creating seamless and exceptional guest experiences that will make your guests want to keep coming back to you. 

The Xperium CRM and guest engagement cloud integrates directly with VHP, so you can manage all your guest data and activities, generate additional revenue from upsells and automate personalized marketing campaigns to increase guest engagement.

Below are all the ways you can leverage this integration to drive revenue for your hotel:

Integration Features

  1. Sync all reservations directly to Xperium for maintaining rich guest data and history in the integrated CRM
  2. Receive updates in email, reservation details and stay dates directly from VHP

Increase Revenue with Direct Bookings:

According to a recent survey, hotels lose up to 15% of their total online booking revenue to OTAs. It is imperative that hoteliers consider decreasing their dependency on OTAs and focus more on encouraging guests to book directly from their respective websites. 

By integrating Xperium with VHP, all your guest data flows seamlessly into the Xperium CRM. You can then use this data to send automated loyalty emails, and provide guests with an optimal guest experience that will encourage them to book directly from the hotel website in the future. Not only does this add up to a significant increase in revenue, but it also helps with building guest loyalty.

Increase Operational Efficiency:

A PMS integrated CRM increases the operational efficiency of a hotel by reducing the scope for human errors. No matter how carefully implemented the manual processes may be, errors are always bound to creep in and even a small mistake (i.e not catering to an unhappy guest in time) can send tremors through the smooth workflow and reputation of the hotel, disrupting the efficiency of the entire operational process. 

An integrated solution provides a smooth and satisfying guest experience by automating the communication and the guest request management process.

Increase Guest Engagement with Intelligent Marketing Automation:

VHP Integration provides for intelligent guest profiles by acquiring guest data from various touch points, which can then be used to segment guests and automate personalized communication. 

Guest journeys can be created based on Booking, Check-in and Check-out dates to automate engagement and create personalized messages for each guest segment.

Increase Guest Satisfaction with Automated Feedback Collection

With the integration between VHP and RepUp, feedback collection can be automated based on guest check-out dates, which leads to better understanding of guest behaviour and the ability to prevent bad experiences. 

By putting your guests’ needs at the core of the business, you can ensure higher revenue, better online reputation and loyal guests that will keep coming back for more. Click here to get more information about Xperium and VHP, or sign up for a demo with our experts.

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