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RepUp extends solidarity to Kerala. Here is how you can too.

Kerala as of now is facing an unprecedented catastrophe. A flood of this magnitude has been unheard or unseen of since 1924. Rescuers are battling torrential rains to save residents, with more than 200,000 people left homeless in camps. The Kerala government said many of those who died had been crushed under debris caused by landslides, therefore making the rescue work near impossible. So far the death toll has reached well over 300 but it is expected that the actual number of casualties can only be calculated once the flood water gets dispersed.


The average annual normal rainfall for Kerala is nearly 3000 millimeters – 2924.3 mm, to be exact. While it is normal for Kerala to get some of the country’s highest rainfall during monsoon season, but the India Meteorological Department said it had been hit with 37% more than usual because of the formation of low pressure over the region. Further downpours and heavy rains have been forecasted for the weekend, leading many to fear that the situation may get worse.


The Army, Navy and the NDRF (national disaster relief force) has been working on a war footing in Kerala to carry out rescue and relief operations. The Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi has already announced a relief package of 500 Cr for Kerala. According to an Indian Railway Spokesperson, a water special train containing more than 2.8 lakh liters of drinking water has already been dispatched to help the flood victims in Kerala. The IAF (Indian Air Force) has also deployed multiple aviation assets in the area to provide relief to those who’ve been affected and to operate air-rescue missions. According to IAF, so far a total of 1000+ rescue relief personnel and 120 tonnes of load and equipment has been implemented to support the ongoing relief operation.  


Kerala, being one of the pioneers in the hospitality industry of India,  has always been very close to RepUp. As of now, there are 100+ hotels in Kerala who are associated with RepUp. As our countrymen are in unprecedented mortal danger and in dire need of relief, we at RepUp are firmly extending our solidarity and support to the people of Kerala. Those of you who want to donate and take part in this patriotic cause, please click on the official link that has been launched by the Kerala Government in order to fund and sustain the relief and rebuilding process.


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