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Leverage Repup Marketing Automation to drive more revenue

In line with our constant endeavour to help hospitality industry grow revenue and automate operations, we at RepUp are happy to announce our new automated marketing solution for our present and future partners. Like every industry relying on technology, hospitality industry obtains an immense amount of data from guests. This data consisting various details of guests can be used for personalized communication and marketing. This is exactly what we have accomplished with our solution. Imagine having a single interface equipped with guest history, purchases, satisfaction, likes & dislikes that can be used for automated and personalized marketing campaigns based on these parameters.


Some of our clients have been using this interface for their marketing campaigns and have seen a significant jump in topline revenue and guest loyalty.


How are we different from other marketing tools?


Using state of the art technology, we extract guest data by seamlessly integrating with PMS (property management system) of our clients. This huge amount of acquired guest-data enables us to run highly effective and targeted marketing campaigns.


Repup Marketing also allows you to create beautiful templates through its easy to use design tool or select templates through its vast library.


Here is how Repup Marketing is beneficial for our clients


Loyalty Campaigns: Hotels can drive loyalty and build strong customer relations by offering their customers discounts or freebies on their next booking. Multiple surveys have found out that loyal guests usually pay up to 47% higher and book 81% more often. A loyal customer base can help you to boost your revenue substantially.


Event Campaigns:  You can generate more revenues from your customers by promoting events in the city ( film festivals, cultural festivals) or in your property (Buffets, celebrity performances etc). Here is an example


With Repup Marketing, you can search for guests who booked your property at the time of Christmas last year and target these guest profiles specifically with effective and personalized offerings and discounts, influencing them to book your property for this year’s Christmas.


Rule-Based Greetings and Campaigns: Repup Marketing allows you to segment guest profiles into different categories and then send them highly effective marketing campaigns based on their preferences.  Here is how it will work:


 It is easy to find out birthdays and anniversaries of your loyal clients from the acquired data. You can then automate birthday and anniversary messages and invite your guests to spend their special day in your property, preferably with some discounts or special features such as candlelight dinner.


If you are looking to generate more revenue for your hospitality business then NOW is the time to start investing in marketing automation. Schedule a call with our team for a demo and see it for yourself!

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