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RepUp – Cloudbeds Connection Guide

RepUp is a hospitality experience and marketing platform to help hotels increase revenue, guest satisfaction and engagement. The platform includes an inbuilt review analytics platform, fault detection mechanism, feedback collection with TripAdvisor integration, marketing automation and upselling.

RepUp is integrating with Cloud PMS Cloudbeds to help Cloudbeds customer automate their feedback collection and marketing processes.

Getting Started with Repup

  • Sign up for Repup at
  • After entering the property details and OTA urls (optional) successfully, you will be redirected to the Repup dashboard.

Connect to Apps for the first time

  • Go to Manage PMS from the top right dropdown.
  • Select Cloudbeds.
  • After clicking on the Connect button, you will be redirected to Cloudbeds Authentication Page.
  • If not already logged in, you will be asked to log in to your Cloudbeds account.
  • After successfully logging in, Cloudbeds will ask you to authorize Repup to access your data.
  • After approving the authorization, you will again be redirected to Repup page.
  • A list of hotels will be provided fetched from your Cloudbeds account.
  • Select the hotel for which you want to integrate the PMS and you are good to go.

Integration Features

  • After successful integration, all the reservations with Cloudbeds will be synced with the Repup account.
  • Automated Marketing Campaigns as well as Transactional Campaigns will be activated for the property if applicable.
  • Guest data would be updated at regular intervals and would be visible at RepUp dashboard

Disconnecting Integration

  • To disconnect your property from Cloudbeds, go to Manage PMS -> Cloudbeds.
  • Click on Delete button. This will delete your connection immediately.


Support can be accessed by writing an email to or clicking the help button on top right of your RepUp dashboard.


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