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RepUp – Hand In Glove With Your Online Marketing Needs

Cross you heart, say your prayers, analyse the review reports – and you will stand in awe of the amount and quality of insights a capable Online Reputation Management partner brings to the table.

It’s an undeniable fact that more and more travelers have started booking their hotels online.

Even more undeniable is the fact that most of these travelers prefer searching for their desired hotels on Google search first.  And the most important part is the fact that none of these travelers book their hotels without duly reading a number of reviews scattered all across the web. For you as an hotelier, getting more bookings is a four-pronged challenge;

  • Make your hotel discover-able on Google
  • Have an online booking engine
  • Positive online reputation to influence decisions
  • Measure and act on guest reviews after the stay


How do you tackle this four-headed monster? Traditionally, this is what hoteliers have done

  • Employed SEO experts to increase visibility on Google search
  • Tied up with Online Travel Agencies to get bookings and pay heavy commissions
  • Social Media experts for online reputation management


Bit tedious, is it not? Also, expensive with moderate to unsatisfactory results! What you need is a capable, strong Online Reputation Management Partner that can provide a single window solution to all your online reputation as well as online marketing needs. You need RepUp!

Without going into the nitty-gritties, here’s all that RepUp can do for your business:

  • SEO solutions to increase discover-ability of your hotel
  • Increased direct bookings from your website
  • Reduce the dependency on Online Travel Agencies for bookings
  • Single window solution to track and reply to all reviews
  • Actionable Analytic to better your services and performance
  • Email campaigns to increase the reviews posted for your hotel
  • Guest Database to run promotional campaigns
  • Pricing solution
  • Analytic on how your competitors are faring

Well, well, that’s quite a good number of services you get from a single source. But this is not the end. We continuously keep evolving our products and tools to match your needs and to keep pace with the evolving traveler behavior.

Do meet us over a cup or two of coffee to discuss how we can increase your revenue!


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