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How to respond to negative hotel reviews?

No one appreciates a negative review whether it’s offline or online! As management, seeing negative reviews about your hotel might make you feel upset in the first place. The right thing to do is respond to negative hotel reviews amicably. This can, hopefully, turn the upset guest into a satisfied one. Such guests can also go further online to change their negative remark(s) into a good one.

Do not respond to negative hotel reviews in a hasty manner, without thinking things through. Rather, try to reply constructively to the reviewer who has had a negative experience with your hotel.

It is Important that You Respond to the Client!

Don’t ever assume that you can ignore a negative review. You can not afford to not respond to negative hotel reviews. Indirectly, if you do not respond to a negative review, it means you have responded; as it reveals to other people seeing the review that you do not care about your guests.

In most cases, a client that’s upset just wants to be heard. When you show such client that you heard their points and that you are willing to resolve issues – this can sometimes be enough to appease them.

When you creatively respond to negative reviews, you will stand out from your competitors as many hotels don’t pay attention to reviews. A hotel that pays attention is remembered well by its guests.

Hotels are specifically vulnerable to negative reviews. Once an upset guest feels wronged, he or she can broadcast negative review content to a large number of people worldwide with just a few clicks.

Once you find a negative review online, it is wise to take quick action to limit damages that it may cause to your business reputation. Even if you can’t contact the reviewer directly, simply posting a response will reveal to readers that you are remorseful about the situation and willing to resolve it.

Below are few guidelines to consider when responding to negative reviews:

Key issues must be addressed

It is important that you address the guest’s major concerns and pay good attention to details.

Offer honest apology

A sincere apology will go a long way to prove that you regret the current incidence. Avoid being aggressive or defensive, and don’t accuse the guest of being dishonest as this can worsen the situation.

Offer an explanation

You should briefly explain the reason due to which the incidence happened, however – avoid giving excuses. Let your response be constructive, as your goal is to be able to impress your wide audience of travelers that may be viewing. This can help change negative impressions, and help people decide about booking your hotel.

Be professional

The hotel business is one of those fields that is seen as highly professional, thus you need to fully demonstrate such professionalism that’s expected within your response. You can cross-check properly with your response tone, grammar, etc.

Personalizing response

You have to address the guest with his or her profile name and respond with your full name initials and title.

Mention your follow up process

This can comprise letting the guest know how you have communicated the issue with your management team, or even how you have introduced a new policy, among other variables. This can help encourage other prospective guests or travelers and that they won’t experience such problem.


Responding to negative reviews is just a part of the entire hotel reputation management process. You can find out more – on ways we can constructively help you succeed online by contacting us now!

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