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Restarting the hospitality industry: Technology and best practices for the new normal.

To watch the full webinar, click here.

RepUp participated in a webinar hosted by Enderun Hotels on September 29, 2020.

Chef Thomas Wenger, Senior Vice President, Praveen Paul, Co-founder Winsar Group, and Eric Munoz, COO of Lyra group also participated in the webinar and shared their valuable insights on how it has become important to implement technology to provide a safe contactless experience and meet new guest expectations.

The topic of the webinar was ‘Restarting the Hospitality Industry: Technology and Best Practices for the New Normal’.We want to thank all the hoteliers who joined us for the webinar. 

Thomas was the first to present. He talked about how the industry needs to shift to the new normal and adapt according to guest expectations when we resume operations. He talked about how millennials are already expecting contactless solutions and how future travelers will adapt to this change.

He emphasized on the need for the possibility of e-solutions as a medium for better guest service and how automation can help in smooth-check-in and stay of the guest.

His presentation was followed by a presentation from Pranjal Parashar, Founder of Xperium

He focused on how contactless technological innovations have become a need for hotels.

Here are the key points he covered in the webinar

-What are the guest expectations in the new normal

-Shared a 5 -point recommendation from guest experience perspective

-How can hotels achieve a contactless experience

 He further explained how Xperium helps in enabling a contactless experience covering all the phases of the guest journey starting from Contactless check-in/ check-out, In-room food ordering, guest concierge, scheduling for services like pool, spa, or restaurant.

After this, we moved to the next segment of our presentation where Praveen Paul, Co-founder Winsar Group talked about cloud PMS. During his presentation, he stated that out of 861 hotel chains, 34% use a cloud PMS.

The key points discussed were

– Why hotels should pick cloud systems.

-Benefits one should look for in a cloud PMS

-How a cloud PMS helps in eliminating pain areas like lesser engagement with guests or adapting to the new normal.

Erik Munoz, COO of Lybra Group, took the webinar forward. He is a UK based hotel technology specialist, a developer of industry’s leading revenue assistant which is a highly advanced machine-learning revenue management system. He focused on the relevance of facts in taking data-centric business decisions.

He discussed why it is important to know things like where the business is coming from, what competitors are doing. He further stressed on how to base all this on facts and figures derived from multiple sources.

He talked about further integrating all this data into a system and taking fact-based decisions rather than simply basing them on an individual’s gut.

He discussed the importance of good service delivery and its impact on the number of reviews which in turn affects your ability to price rooms higher than your competitors.

He also shared some amazing service delivery tips every hotelier must consider.

The webinar then concluded with the speakers engaging in a participatory Q&A session after the discussion with interested people.

To watch the full webinar, click here.

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