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Guest experience

5 Ways to Improve your Guest Experience

Guest experience is the most important part of owning and operating a hotel or resort. If your guest is happy with their experience, you can be sure they’ll visit again, and tell their friends and family too. And, if they had a bad experience, they’re


The Ultimate Guide to Guest Experience Mapping

Customer experience mapping isn’t new. In fact, it’s commonly used in consumer marketing but despite its tremendous benefits, most businesses perceive it as something only large corporations can adopt. Think about Google. Isn’t it a great company? What about Apple, Amazon and Starbucks? You love them

Five Ways To Personalize Your Hotel’s Guest Experience

“Hotel 2020: The Personalization Paradox” is a report published by IBM Global Business Services. The report says that with the increasing competition among the hospitality industry players, personalization of a hotel’s guest experience will be the one and only feature which will help the industry survive.