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5 Reasons Hotels Fail to Get Direct Bookings

Hoteliers all over the world are struggling to win back guests from OTAs. A study by Phocuswire found out that average hotel website conversion rate is typically below 2%. So, if a 100 people land on your website on any given day, only 2 will


The Ultimate Guide to Guest Experience Mapping

Customer experience mapping isn’t new. In fact, it’s commonly used in consumer marketing but despite its tremendous benefits, most businesses perceive it as something only large corporations can adopt. Think about Google. Isn’t it a great company? What about Apple, Amazon and Starbucks? You love them

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RevPAR Defined

Every niche and industry has its own words and codes. While some of these can be confusing, fully understanding them can be of good benefit to you. We think it is very important for hoteliers, industry experts, stakeholders and even the general public to know

How Guest Reviews Impact Your Hotel’s Reputation?

News of bad customer service reaches twice as many ears as praise for a good service experience. ~White House Office of Consumer Affairs We do not need anyone to tell us just how competitive the hotel industry is. We are probably all too aware of