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WEBINAR – Drive more bookings and revenue with Marketing Automation

Yesterday, we conducted another successful webinar with Ravisha Kumar – Head, Customer Success for RepUp.  The topic of the webinar was “How to Drive more bookings and revenue with Marketing Automation”. We want to thank all the hoteliers and managers who joined us for the webinar from all over the globe. Here are the key topics that we covered in the webinar-


  1. The power of personalized marketing for hotels
  2. Marketing your Hotel: How-to
  3. How to drive your marketing with RepUp


Ravisha started the Webinar by giving a brief introduction of RepUp to the viewers. RepUp currently serves 2100+ brands across 15+ countries and has a very satisfied client list that consists of popular brand names such as Moxy Marriott, Lemon Tree, Radisson, Welcome Heritage, Sarovar etc. RepUp marketing platform sends 100,000+ personalized emails every month, adding up to $100,000+ in incremental revenue.


After this, we moved on to the next segment to explain the power of personalized marketing. By analyzing the emerging marketing trends of 2018, she demonstrated just how important personalized marketing is for hotels. The data she presented is given below –


  • Mobile Email accounts for 20% to 75% of email opens ‣
  • More than 80% emails in consumer inboxes are either promotional or transactional in nature. ‣
  • Segmented email campaigns have 14% more opens and 100% more clicks than bulk campaigns ‣
  • 62% of customers open an email due to a personalized subject line


She further emphasized the importance of standing out from your competitors by crafting personalized and targeting marketing emails and how every 8 in 10 consumers claim personalized marketing have had an impact on their decision to purchase.

Ravisha went on to convey the methods of properly marketing your hotel and how to personalize your marketing tactics. She shared that email marketing campaigns have thrice the conversion rate, compared to social media and 48% of consumers prefer to communicate with brands via email only. Therefore it becomes imperative that hotels must invest time and effort to craft proper email marketing campaigns by collecting emails, practising good list maintenance, getting a single view of data across disparate systems, building guest segments from the acquired database and lastly, by sending relevant contents. She further explained the need to send clean campaigns by regularly updating your subscriber and guest list and the necessity of complying with GDPR.

Upon completing this segment, we moved on to the next part of the webinar, How to drive marketing with the help of RepUp. She further explained how RepUp marketing platform lets one create targeted and personalized automated email campaigns based on guest data and how it enables Event-based/Holiday campaigns to target the right set of guests. Proceeding further, Ravisha shared how RepUp marketing platform provides inbuilt templates with extensive designing options, followed by some examples of successful marketing campaigns that our clients ran using RepUp’s platform.

The webinar then concluded with the speakers engaging in a participatory Q&A session after the discussion with interested people.

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