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Webinar: Turning online reviews into profit

Kokotel, RepUp, and HMS Thailand organized a webinar on “Turning online reviews into profit” on 22 July 2020. The webinar took a unique approach to show the perspective of a hotel operator and a technology solution provider.

The webinar was moderated by Bas van straten from HMS Thailand.  Rei from Kokotel was the first to present, his presentation focused on the following questions.

Why should hoteliers care about guest reviews?
How to deal with hotel reviews?
Impact of online reviews on gross operating profit
Key actions to take when there is a review.

Rei’s presentation was followed by a presentation by Pranjal Prashar, CEO Xperium.
Pranjal’s presentation perspective was from a solution provider. Key points discussed were :

What is the relation between reviews and hotel revenue?
Why is it important to have more reviews?
How to collect more reviews with Repup?
How to manage reviews with repup
Case study on how repup has helped hotels with review collection and management.

About Repup

Repup is one of the fastest growing hospitality tech companies in Asia, and has received recognition for the same from Deloitte for two years in a row. Repup is known for creating SaaS platforms that deliver hyper-personalized experiences to guests and allow hotels to increase their ancillary revenue, direct booking and improve their online reputation.

The Repup platform integrates with more than 50 PMS and other hospitality technologies, including Oracle Hospitality, Infor, Siteminder, Mews, Cloudbeds and more.

The company boasts over 2100 hotels including clients like Radisson, Hyatt, Moxy by Marriott, Lemontree, Roseate House (Bird Group) among its customers. Headquartered in Gurgaon, India, with a vast presence over SEA, Europe and the US, Xperium is at the forefront of technological innovation for the hospitality industry. To learn more, visit

About Kokotel

Kokotel is a hotel group based in Thailand currently operating 7 properties, Kokotel hotels believe in the philosophy of “We Are Friends & Family Serving Friends & Family”

Kokotel started their business as a small, 40-room hotel and café in Bangkok, Thailand. They welcome guests from around the world with wholehearted hospitality.

Kokotel is the name inspired by some Japanese word “Kokoro (heart)”. This is a symbol of their commitment to providing a heart-warming service. Whether you come with close friends, or family, we help you discover and share wonderful things about yourselves, beyond just sightseeing and eating great food.

About HMS Thailand

HMS Thailand specializes in Revenue Management for the small and medium sized Hotels and Resorts business in Thailand. They have more than 14 years of combined experience in Hotel management and Hotel Sales and Marketing in Thailand. Today’s Hotel owners and/or General managers have strong focus on the management of hotel and operational activities. Therefore they have limited time to focus on the daily activities of hotel revenue management.

HMS Thailand provides the independent Hotel owner and/or General Manager a detailed market research and the actual performances of the current sales and hotel marketing activities. They bring unique perspective with extensive in-depth hotel consulting experience to hotels.

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