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Webinar with TripAdvisor

Today, we completed a successful webinar with Lionel Yeo, Manager – TripAdvisor (Hotel Partnerships, APAC). The topic of the webinar was ‘How to drive more reviews to TripAdvisor and improve ratings?’ We want to thank all the hoteliers and managers who joined us for the webinar from all over the globe. We were thrilled with the overwhelming participation. Here is bringing you the key highlights of the webinar.

Along with Lionel, we were joined by Mr. Rakesh (General Manager – The Residency, Chennai), one of our clients that have immensely benefitted from our Review Collection Module in terms of number of reviews & rankings on TripAdvisor. Majorly the webinar covered – Importance of ReviewsBenefits of Collecting More ReviewsHow Review Collection Work with RepUpCase Studies & Participants Questions in the end.

Lionel emphasized the importance of TripAdvisor, as a platform, for any hotelier. And, how the visibility on TripAdvisor can impact revenue and business of the hotel.

We were educated on certain facts around TripAdvisor reviews such as:

  • 4 out of 5 is the average bubble rating for hotels on TripAdvisor that means 80% people write positive reviews
  • 3.9x people are more likely to book & 76% people are willing to pay more for the hotel with higher review score
  • Hotels with increased reviews see +40% page views per month & +25% more website visits per month

Lionel went on to convey that ranking & rating for any hotel is determined by an algorithm which considers three factors viz. Quantity, Quality & Recency of reviews. However, Lionel stressed the point that the most important thing hotel should focus on is ‘providing par excellence service’; which is the baseline for everything including the number of reviews, ranks & ratings.

Mr. Rakesh (General Manager – The Residency, Chennai) also shared how he was having a hard time converting delighted guest experiences into positive reviews. He was hosting satisfied guests but they would not write reviews. Mr. Rakesh was looking for a solution where he can gently urge guests to post the review without coming across as intrusive. That’s when RepUp came to the rescue. In less than 6 months the review volume increased by 39%, the rank improved from 38 to 28 out of 423 hotels and ratings spiked to 4.65 from 4.13. The Residency is just one of many successful case studies.

Another successful case study that was discussed during the webinar was of ‘Shahpura House’. They saw a review volume increase by 95% month on month and ranking increase from 33 to 19 out of 411 hotels.

Proceeding further, the process of RepUp TripAdvisor review collection was explained in detail. The webinar concluded with Lionel answering basic queries related to TripAdvisor reviews, moderation policy, review removal etc.

Using a TripAdvisor partner such as RepUp can help you boost your review volume by 30-40% and thus increase your ranking. We invite you to explore our solution to improve rank, ratings, and number of reviews of your property on TripAdvisor. You can avail our limited period offer which is if you sign-up for an annual subscription by Friday, you get 2 additional months for free. Reach out to us through any of the following methods:

SMS “RepupTA” to +91 9560795754 or fill the calendar here You can also write to us at

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