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What Do Your Guests Talk About?

One of the basic human tendencies is to – talk – and talk dime a dozen! While there is seemingly no end to the number of topics a human being can engage on – the one topic that plays a defining role for the hotel industry is the topic of reviews.

It was only a decade back that word-of-mouth was the only medium through which a guest could voice his opinion about his/her stay at any hotel. Or they could write an e-mail to the hotel management congratulating or admonishing them on their services.
Today, the scenario is completely different. Today, the guest/traveler is not only more informed but also has vast number of tools and websites at his/her disposal through which he/she can communicate their opinions to a global audience. In this scenario, not only is it essential to manage all the reviews about your hotel and respond in real time to guest comments, it equally important to know and understand what your guests are actually talking about the most.
Working with a strong Online Reputation Management firm like RepUp has given me a good perspective on guest pain points and what they are most voluble about. While most guests talk about hotel amenities like parking lot, swimming pool, Wi-Fi etc before booking a hotel, there is a distinct change in the conversation topics post-stay at the hotel. Judging from the vast data we have at RepUp on guest reviews, here are some of the things that I feel guests talk the most about post-stay:

Overall Experience – Before we begin, let me just dispel the notion that guests write reviews only when they have are not satisfied by the hotel service. Nopes, this is absolutely incorrect. You will be surprised by the number of positive reviews that guests take the effort to write. I have seen the words “great” and “good” appear almost five times more often than the words “bad” or “terrible”.
Check-In Process – One of the major concerns for most the guests is how easy is the check-in process and they find it a worthy topic to write copious reviews about. So yes, it would be worth your while to smoothen the check-in process as much as possible for your guests – if you want to earn brownie points i.e.!
Vacation by Location – While it is true that reviews drive more bookings than either price or location, nonetheless guests do talk a lot about the location of the hotel post their stay. In fact, the word “location” is the 42nd most prolific word in reviews written by guests.
Internet is the safe bet – It would be hard to deny that internet or Wi-Fi has become one of the top priorities for guests both pre-booking and post-booking of the hotel. Your reputation depends just as much on a good internet connection as it depends on a good cup of coffee.
Hotel Staff – Most of the hoteliers should know that staff behaviour and hygiene forms a major topic for review by the guests.
Bed-Up – One of the most important concern for any guest is the status of his bed. This includes the bed sheets, the mattress and the pillows. Surprisingly, the reviews show that guests are slightly more concerned about the pillows than the mattress or for that matter the bed sheets. So yes, make them pillows fluffy!
There you go. You have all the ammunition you need to better your services and earn major brownie points through online guest reviews. Of course, you can always contact the experts- RepUp- to gain even more insights into reviews, guest behaviour and how these are ultimately connected to your profits.
Stay tuned for more pearls of wisdom from us.

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