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Five things hotels need to do for a successful social media campaign

Many hoteliers are still not convinced enough about the effectiveness of social media when it comes to increasing customer engagement and loyalty. They believe social media barely has any relevance to generating more revenue. However, according to many surveys conducted by leading market researchers, this is far from the truth. When implemented properly, social media has shown demonstrable results of what an active and loyal customer base can bring to the table. A survey conducted by Marketo found out that sales and Social media marketing alignment can improve sales efforts at closing deals by 67%.


Social Media can no longer be considered a luxury. It doesn’t really matter anymore whether you are a small boutique hotel or a large enterprise, if you are looking to engage with guests and increase direct bookings, you’ll need social media.

When creating social media marketing campaign for your hotel, it is important to remember that it is all about delivering value to your guests and followers on social media. The best social media campaigns are often crisp, concise and consistent.

In this article, we are going to discuss five must-haves for a successful and engaging social media campaign.


Outlining the strategy for social media marketing

When it comes to social media campaigns, context is as much important as content. The first step of any successful social media campaign is to establish a basic strategy. It is imperative to know what does your audience want. Moreover, it is essential to decide which social media platforms to use and what each platform will be used for.

We can break it down to the basics like this –

Facebook –  Storytelling

Twitter  – ORM / Listening

Instagram – Visual content/ User generated content

Linkedin – B2B purposes


Concise and Crisp Content

It is essential to remember when it comes to social media “less” is more. Usually, due to all the noise and chaos in social media, the attention span of viewers are very low. So you need to be as to the point and concise as possible as you don’t have much time to grab your guest’s attention. The best way to do that on all platforms is by creating catchy small contents and incorporating images, gifts, videos in them.



Hoteliers need to remember every post on social media is a representation of your hotel’s brand identity. All of the social media content must consistently reflect what your brand is all about.  Otherwise, if you venture too far away from your brand identity and on-brand guest experience, you’ll risk creating miscommunication and confusion among your followers and fan-base. It is also necessary to track the progress of the online or social media marketing campaign for the insights and potential improvements.


User-generated content

Another effective way of conducting a successful campaign in social media is by giving certain freedoms to the users and allowing them to create contents that align with the hotel’s interest. What you have to keep in mind that hotel business is essentially a guest-experience providing business. So when you have guests creating contents on their own and sharing their positive experiences on social media, it is likely to get noticed by the followers and influence their perceptions about the hotel. A vibrant and constantly updating user-generated content is imperative for a successful social media marketing for hotels.


Don’t post too much

Finally, a consistent approach to post contents is good but it is necessary to remember not to overdo it. Researchers have suggested that the optimal number of posts on a Facebook business page is somewhere around seven to eight posts per week. While it is okay to post consistently on Twitter to maximize the business exposure, followers tend to be less forgiving to business pages that spam their timelines with constant contents and updates. So the key is to stop yourself from getting carried over by good social media response.


Social media marketing is becoming increasingly important due to its cost-friendliness and easy availability. In the hospitality industry, it is emerging as an ever-increasing advertisement strategy in contrast with traditional marketing ways. By following the five social media campaign creation tips given above, you can help to ensure your strategy is well-rounded and effective.


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