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What you need to know about the new TripAdvisor ranking algorithm

TripAdvisor has been an absolute essential to the hospitality industry since the beginning. With time, it has grown up to be one of the major platforms on which guests interact and share their experiences with hoteliers. Up until now, TripAdvisor ranking was mainly based on three parameters. They are –



The ratings that users provide as a part of their reviews are used to rank the quality of each hotel. In absence of other variables, a hotel with more 5 star ratings will rank higher than other hotels with less 5-star ratings, in the same region.



The volume of total reviews is quite significant in the TripAdvisor ranking. They are also a critical indicator to TripAdvisor users about the current performance of a business. The users usually go through multiple reviews to form an opinion about the particular hotel and have more confidence in their decisions when they see positive opinions on a large set of fellow users’ reviews.



Recent reviews are more valuable than older reviews as they provide a more accurate picture of the current performance of the hotels.This means the older reviews will not affect a business’s ranking like a recent review will.


These three have been the main parameters on which a business’s TripAdvisor ranking is generally based upon. However, with time TripAdvisor has implemented various other tweaks to come up with even more accurate representations of business ranking.


TripAdvisor has managed to consistently improve and optimize the Popularity Ranking Index to improve their site experience for guests and hotels. They carefully test and implement new methods and algorithms to improve the rankings mechanism in various ways, while maintaining the accurate ranking of existing hotels on TripAdvisor.


How to improve your business’s Popularity Ranking

The TripAdvisor Popularity Ranking is based on user feedback and consistently collected new, high-quality reviews that reflect levels of service and value for money from the guest’s perspective,  which is why it is the best way for hotels to improve their ranking over time.


The Popularity Ranking takes into account a business’s performance, in relation to the performance of other businesses or competitors in the area. As one business rises up in the ranking index, it affects the competitors who are on that ranking index too. Movements in the ranking index can either be a direct result of reviews on one particular business or reviews that have been collected for other businesses in the area.


In accordance with their constant endeavor towards betterment and optimization of the review collection process, TripAdvisor has introduced a variety of tools like the Review reminder tools, as well as Review collection partnerships like their tie-up with Repup. Businesses can consistently measure their performance over time and implement improvements and changes based on the feedback they receive with the help of the review collection tools.


What is the importance of the TripAdvisor ranking

Improvements in TripAdvisor rankings lead directly to higher bookings, average daily rate (ADR) and revenue. We can also say ranking high on TripAdvisor doesn’t just help one get referral traffic and bookings from TripAdvisor but also enables you to get more bookings from all OTAs.


With the rise of social media and the value-seeking new age customers, it is imperative for hotels to take online review management seriously. In today’s hospitality industry where  53% customers don’t book a hotel that has no reviews and 67% Customers don’t book hotels after reading 1 to 3 negative reviews, implementing the right changes to boost rankings in TripAdvisor should be the primary objective of any hotelier.


In the recent years, TripAdvisor has been focusing on ways to promote consistency and transparency in the rankings.  With each update, they are prioritizing on coming up with ways to more accurately measure the performance of hotels relative to other competitors in its location.  TripAdvisor provides an accurate performance rating of hotels regardless of their size or their review collecting rate.

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