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Why Feedback Collection and Surveys are a Lifeline of the Hotel Industry

Feedback forms and survey are used across all industries to understand how customers feel about your product or service, and the hotel industry is no different. If anything, feedback and survey collection is an integral part of any guest journey.

As a hotelier, if you do not understand how your guests feel about their experience at your hotel, you could be in danger of basing your business decisions on how you think guests feel about your hotel. It is possible that your observations are not far off the mark, but if they are, you have a lot to lose.

Feedback and Survey collection are important for a few reasons:

Objective Decision Making

If you base your decision on how you think a guest feels, or just a few observations, you could be spending money on changes that are not actually the problem. For example, if guests have been mentioning in reviews that their food and beverage experience was not great, you might choose to revamp your menu, when in reality, they might be referencing service time and not quality.

To understand these nuances, it is important to actively collect properly designed feedback forms and surveys that will help you make informed and objective decisions to improve the quality of your service, and enhance the guest experience.

Reality Checks

Without regular feedback collection, you might assume that you are doing well or even badly at a particular aspect of guest service, when the reality could be far from that assumption. Having data from services helps you see trends and overall sentiment towards particular services, or aspects within the entire guest experience.

This type of data will also help you analyze how each department has affected the overall experience of the guest.

Non-Intimidating Feedback

Your guest might not be able to express an unfiltered opinion if asked for feedback in-person. Feedback forms and surveys are a way to set up a non-intimidating environment for your guest to provide honest feedback and opinions.

Feedback forms that ask too many questions can also be intimidating. If your feedback forms have too many fields where the guest has to physically type, it might create a barrier for your guest to submit a fully completed feedback form. If you want to learn how to design feedback forms, here’s a guide with best practices.

Build Your Guest Database

By asking your guests to fill out feedback and survey forms, you can leverage a non-invasive opportunity to create and build a robust guest database that will help you run promotional campaigns, bring back campaigns and other revenue generation campaigns.

Feedback forms and surveys let your guest know that you care about their experience, and also enable you to include them in your email list, and send them personalized offers and deals. Allowing your guest to communicate with you also helps you make better decisions that will reflect in revenue generated.

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