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Announcing Xperium – An AI powered CRM and Guest Engagement Cloud

The average guest is evolving, as is the customer experience. Feedback and Reviews are an important part of managing the guest experience – but what about the rest?

That’s exactly the sentiment that led us to develop Xperium – a larger parent product suite with end to end coverage of everything Guest Experience, driven by AI and powerful analytics. The idea behind Xperium is to help hotels own the entire Guest Journey, and provide a unified inbox for all guest activity inside a powerful CRM. 

Here’s what’s changing:

Xperium is our brand new release, and it will look different  – we’ve added updated design features, and new menus that will make it easier for you to navigate through the product and create an enhanced user experience. 

The updated interface design will display a single unified inbox for all guest related communications and processes. The unified inbox enables you to see reviews, upsells, campaign activity, requests, messages and more in a single dashboard with all relevant actions available within the same module. 

Email Marketing Campaigns now have revenue tracking, so you can see which campaigns have contributed the most towards total revenue. 

Now, emails with multiple CTAs include individual tracking, so you can see which CTAs are effective and which are not.

We have also added auto-bounce detection in uploaded lists so only lists with acceptable bounce would be accepted

We’ve added Indonesian and Croatian languages to the Surveys to improve feedback collection for our Indonesian and Croatian Clients.

“In Line with the new trends in Hospitality Technology, RepUp saw the opportunity to personalize, automate and enhance the guest management experience in a way that has not been done before. Xperium is just the beginning of a powerful suite of guest management platforms that are poised to change how guest experience is managed entirely.”

Pranjal Prashar, CEO, Co-Founder, RepUp

Xperium empowers existing and upcoming clients with a powerful automation platform that will help create efficiency in processes, increase guest engagement and satisfaction; and give you a high ROI.

If you’d like to see what Xperium can do for your hotel, set up a call today

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