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Integrations that Give you Control

Xperium offers extensive 2 way integrations that allow you to control your guest data and leverage your PMS for greater guest insights

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Integrations with the most used PMS and CROs across the hospitality industry

Fully Integrated

Each third party solution interacts with one another to save you time and optimize every aspect of your business.

Save Time

Xperium allows you to use all its partner services from one single interface. Be ready to make your life easier.

Better Guest Experience

Our system enable you to focus on what you do best: delight guests and entice them to come back.

Opera Integration
BookingSuite Integration
TripAdvisor Integration
Mews Integration
Hotelogix Integration
VHP Integration
Cloudbeds Integration
Power Pro Integration
WinHMS Integration
StayNTouch Integration
IFCA Integration
MisterBooking Integration

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